Kuiyou has dreams.
Our clients have dreams.

Kuiyou’s creativity, energy and perseverance
can make those dreams a reality.

As a creative company that specializes in advertising production and planning, we believe that by embracing the differences in cultures, we can better focus on the broad needs of the advertising world. Our philosophy and production standards have been assimilated from AOI Pro., a leader in the commercial production industry in Japan. Kuiyou works with the finest directors and other creatives worldwide. We strive to the highest standards, as well as to the broad range of the artistic spectrum.

Our Partners

  • AOI Pro. Inc.

    AOI is one of Japan s three major production companies, with TVC and network video creativity, production as the core. At the beginning of establishment, the company relied on TVC, and then made a big step, involving film,television and promotional videos and so on, and enjoyed a high reputation as one of the leading company in the industry.

  • TREE Digital Studio Inc.

    Tree Digital Studio is a content output manufacturer with image as the core, has high-end professionals. The various business divisions cover creative, shooting, post-production, CG, programming and so on, to provide customers with high quality services in line with expectations.

  • AOI Asia

    AOI Asia is an advertising production group based in Asia. Besides Shanghai KUIYOU, there are also build in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and so on.

  • 株式会社白組

    白组(Shirogumi )is a large post-production company. "白"(white) means that all colors are included, and it also refers to the white of film screen and painting paper. "组"(group) implies that we can learn from each other on the basis of equality and achieve great things

Internal Awards

"Hara Hitoshi Award", is an internal award set up by Shanghai Kuiyou at the end of 2020.

Mr.Hara is the founder of one of Japan's top-level production companies: AOI Pro. Inc.
In Japan, he promoted the establishment and improvement of the producer center system in the commercial production industry.
As a branch of AOI, it is also the key figure that makes Shanghai Kuiyou take root and flourish in Shanghai.
Mr. Hara's idea of producer center system has supported Shanghai Kuiyou over the past 20 years.
Kuiyou's staff, following his spirit and focusing on the producer center system,
One step at a time, steady work, to achieve today's Shanghai Kuiyou.

After Mr. Hara passed away in 2020, Shanghai Kuiyou decided to set up the "Hara Hitoshi Award" in memory of him.
Every year from now on, the general manager will select an employee who has made great contributions to the company. He will stay true to his original aspiration and self-motivated forward.
"Hara Hitoshi Award" is not only Kuiyou's review of the past 20 years, but also his earnest expectation and encouragement to the future generations.
Hope Shanghai Kuiyou can go further, higher and better.
Employees in the future years, encourage each other, the torrent of courage to advance, beyond self.


  • 2022:Zhu yueru

    Commendation for her ten years as one day, dedication, responsibility, reflecting the work of Kwai you staff specifications.
  • 2021: Zhang Ye

    In 2021, Zhang Ye was commended for his outstanding achievements in developing new clients
  • 2020: Yao Yiwen

    Joined the company in 2004 and served as the director of the second production department in 2019. In 2020, eliminated the influence of COVID-19. As a Production Leader, she has made remarkable achievements in the quality and quantity of her works, and made contributions to the diversity of company’s works.

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